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Dear Luv

Dear Luv is YOUR platform where you are given access to express your feelings, thoughts, and freedom to talk about your situations. Too many times are we silenced and left alone to suffer without a single care from anyone near. Sometimes, we just want to be heard, understood, and cared about without fear of being ridiculed or alienated. The scars from our past remain opened and unhealed. We seek the ears and understanding of those we interact with for what might seem to be rationalization. We just want to be HEARD and not JUDGED.

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Dear Luv,



I’m very proud of myself. As time goes by, I can honestly say that I’ve witnessed my growth from the past up until this very moment. I know a lot of the times I’m constantly telling and encouraging people to be more transparent with their communication and feelings. It feels good to know that I’ve lived within my truth as well. I will admit that there are times when I allow my ego to step in and grab me by the collar, shake me around a tad before releasing me back into the ground. [read more]



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