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Are you interested in helping out the community?

You know the saying, "It takes a village?" Well, this statement is very true. On Dear Luv, we rely on our listeners to place their vulnerability to the side in hopes of expressing something they might consider "too personal" to openly share with those they do not know. The reason we promote and encourage such behavior is due to the amount of times we have suppressed such stress or concerns and allowed it to build up only to trigger a major shut down. Well that stops NOW! We NEED YOU! The importance of having guest speakers on the show is to provide our listeners with professional yet real advice and guidance. Everyone who comes onto the show is not expected to hold a PHD or a Masters degree of some sort. We want you to bring your personality but also your natural empathetic selves. We want people our listeners can relate to and know that "we get them." If you just happen to be a Counselor or Therapist, GREAT! If not, guess what? That's GREAT as well! Your profession doesn't play a part when it comes down to speaking to the hearts of those hurting the most.

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