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Dear Luv is an upcoming all-new online radio show based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Hosted by Connecticut native, Simplee Bree, Dear Luv provides its audience with the chance to touch on subjects that might be considered too sensitive to speak about amongst others due to the fear of alienation or judgement.

This station will allow its listeners to place their identity to the side and express themselves anonymously through email or voicemail. In addition, our special guests will have the opportunity to provide insight from experiences of their own as we discuss the topic of the day related to the submissions.

With many people suffering in silence, this is the time for us to collectively make the change. The goal of the Dear Luv online radio show is to help everyone exercise courage, self-identification, effective listening as well as empowering one another during those unspoken conversations.


Who are we? We are the silenced voices that suffer out loud daily.

What do we do? We give YOU a platform to be heard without judgement.

Where can you find us? At in January 2020.

Where are we located? Atlanta, Georgia

Why are we doing this? Too many have left this earth due to self-inflicted casualties and many just need to get the frustration off of their chests.

How can you get involved? Leave an anonymous message or ask a question to help those like you seek answers in dealing with touchy subjects.