Dear Luv

 Dear Luv  is an online radio show that originally started as a podcast but quickly grew onto a broader platform. The purpose of Dear Luv is to provide an outlet to its listeners by allowing them to share personal stories, rants, or situations to alleviate the build-up of stress over time.  Some of these submissions include:

  • "How to deal with Drama in Relationships"

  • "Regaining strength after a Breakup/Divorce"

  • "Under the Rug: Coping with Childhood Trauma"

  • "Depression and Getting through it"

Each week, either an anonymous email is read or voice message is played on the show, with intention of addressing the overall issue with the public. Guests include but are not limited to certified Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists, Entrepreneurs and everyone interested in providing more insight on  along with resolutions that the audience could apply personally. The show is dedicated to listening and helping its audience while promoting transparency, education, and open dialogue amongst its peers.

Truth Serum

 Dear Luv's Truth Serum started off as an Instagram Live online show back in 2019 when the host discovered a great need in communicating universally on important topics many fail to openly discuss. This weekly show invites two guests onto the platform for a fifteen minute interview each where both are presented with questions on the given topic for that evening. These topics range but are not limited to:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Financial Management

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Investments & Real Estate Management

With a live audience providing instant feedback, the show creates conversations amongst the world, openly discussing many issues at hand that typically stay between the circle of family and friends, allowing its audience to both relate and view responses from different perspectives.

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About the Host

Sabrina T. Wallace, also known as "Simplee Bree," found her love in communicating since a young teen growing up in Hartford, Connecticut when she would apply to writing contests online for publication. Her first official writing gig was based in Hartford, CT for a printed publication called "Committed Magazine" managed by DJ Drake where I had the opportunity to interview artists like the Ying-Yang Twins, Baby Cham and Nuttin’ But Stringz," just to name a few. This began her pursuit not only in writing but broadcasting as well when she joined "The Cyphers Den," as well as the "A++" writing team shortly after settling in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. Her desire to contribute back into the community also had a warm place in her heart which drove her interest in actively volunteering. “I have discovered my passion for helping those who might need a listening ear or a sense of guidance to become stronger the more involved I am within the community.” Bree is the host of the Dear Luv Live online radio show aired every Thursday evening from 7-9pm. She also hosts the "Girls Who Brunch Tour Instagram Takeover" live every other Sunday from 7:30-8:3pm.  And every Tuesday from 8-9pm, you can find her under @_SimpleeBree_ on IG conducting interviews for Dear Luv's Truth Serum.

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